Firm Name

Prostaff Co.Ltd., 

(former company nameTakehara Co.Ltd.,)

Representative Director

                                                                      Norizo Hirose


                                                1915 April


                                                 1919 April



Description   of business

Manufacturing and selling Car accessories
Manufacturing and selling Aromatic
EV related works



1915 April

Gonji Takehara Company contracting constraction work of machinery along costraction of DaiNihon spinning in Osaka

1919 April

Takehara ironworks was established in Nagara,Ichinomiya,Aichi-prefecture

1920 February

Manufacturing and selling Takehara ring throwing machine was started

1931 July

Factory was moved to 6 block Taisyo street Ichinomiya-city

1946 July

Head office and factory were moved to Inuyama due to war damage

1946 July

Manufacturing CABTON motorcycle was started

1952 December

Takehara machine shop Co.,Ltd was established and manufacturing and selling industrial machinery was started

1963 February

Factory was established in Omori,Niwa,Ichinomiya and division of throwing machine was established

1965 December

The firm name was changed from Takehara machine shop Co.,Ltd toTakehara Co.,Ltd

1968 December

Division of automotive accessories was established and development research of accessories was started

1975 May

Manufacturing and selling automotive accessories was started

1976 March

KIIROBINwas selected as Best buy of Japanese traffic safety association foundation
Best Buy number=No.45
Name of product=window cleaner, Brand=KIIROBIN

1976 October

Manufacturing and selling Aromatic was started

1987 July

Meguro sales office was established

1988 June

Osaka sales office was established

1989 May

Hukuoka sales office was established

1994 April

Sendai sales office was established

1995 May

Meguro sales office became Tokyo branch

1996 May

First sales office and Second sales office was established inside Tokyo branch

1997 December

The address of head office was moved to Ichinomiya city

1998 February

Manufacturing and selling household utensil was established

1998 May

Special sales department was established in Tokyo branch

2002 May

The capital was increased to 49,993,860yen

2002 August

Selling car washer Jabb series was started

2003 September

Shanghai Basta Auto Accessory Co., Ltd. was established in China

2004 February

Shanghai Basta Trading Co., Ltd. was established  in China

2005 October

Prozza Co., Ltd. was established            (former company name:Mamabears)

2005 November

The capital was increased to 100,000,000yen

2006 May

Ichinomiya logstic center was established in Okumachi Ichinomiya-city

2007 October

Selling heat storage mat for truckhotnēruwas established

2007 November

Local subsidiary Takehara(Cambodia) was established in Kingdom of Cambodia

2008 May

The firm name was changed from Takehara Co.,Ltd. to Prostaff Co.,Ltd.

2008 September

Division of electric vehicle was established

2008 November

Nagoya sales office was moved to Asano,Ichinomiya-city

2008 November

Electric vehicle museum was established in Asano,Ichinomiya-city

2009 January

Gihu EV center was established in Kaidu-city,Gihu-prefecture

2009 March

The selling of electric scooter was started

2010 April

Hukuoka sales office was moved and expanded

2010 October

Ichinomiya EV center was established

2010 October

The capital was increased to 150,000,000 by third party allocation of shares of JAFCO CO.,Ltd. and Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co.,Ltd.

2011 June

We participated in the Isle of Man TT Zero as electric motorcycle and completed the course and won the fifth prize

2011 July

Taiwan Prostaff Co., Ltd. is established as EV base in Taiwan

2012 February

Prozza Hirose Manufacturing Inc. was established as EV base in the Philippines

2013 April

The division of EV was transfered to Prozza Co.,Ltd

2013 May

Nagoya sales office was moved in Niwa,Ichinomiya-city



"Manufacturing giving customer's satisfaction"


This is our vision we valued mostly since 1919 establishment.

Our company, started from manufacturing of spinning machine before World War and entered into automotive accessories after World War,has been developing with the expansion of motorization.

From now on, we'll give it very best to spread EV products like electric scooter looking at environmental free next society.

"Manufacturing giving customer's satisfaction" is our vision we never change if product is changed with the times.

From now on, we also strive for aiming at the company contributing to society.



President and representative director   Norizo Hirose

Prostaff Co. Ltd.