We have been engaged in the manufacture and sale of products

for over thirty years and have many devoted customers.

This windshield cleaner removes tough stains and oily films

that won't come off with simple wiping, keeping your windshield


sparkling and letting you drive safely.

High quality is the strength of products made in Japan.
All materials are prepared, blended, and products packed on-site 

at our own plants in Japan.


This lets us provide you with top-quality products that are safe and reliable.

Liquid content : Cerium oxide, polishing agents

Set includes: Polyethylene foam sponge which easily rubs away difficult stains and grease spots

  ♦ Uses                                               
This product is intended for cleaning dirt, stains, and grease from vehicle windshields,

hazards which prevent the safe operation of a vehicle at night

  ♦ Usage                                    

1. When rinsing a windshield with water, lingering droplets are a sign of dirt and oil residue.



2. Use our product to clean the glass of sand, dust, dirt, and other impurities.

3. Wet the sponge with water and then apply some of the product to it.


4. Scrub the sponge across the surface of the dirty windshield.

5. If the liquid beads up, this means unseen dirt and oil residue is still

    on the windshield. Scrub harder to remove it.

6. The glass is now free of impurities. Give the windshield a final rinse with


    water and wipe off any excess liquid.

7. Before and after using the product.


(Photographed from outside the vehicle when applying water to the windshield)


8. Before and after using the product.


    (Photographed from inside the vehicle when applying water to the windshield)

9. Before and after using the product.


    (Photographed from inside the vehicle when driving at night)

Products are shipped 60 to a case, with two layers of 6x5 units each.

KiiroBin has been recommended by the Japan Traffic Safety Association.

The KiiroBin lineup is offered in three different varieties.

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Prostaff was established in Ichinomiya, Aichi Prefecture, in 1919.


For many years, we have retained the top position in the field of auto goods.

We operate plants in Japan and our own in-house plants in China,

where we maintain the same quality standards as our domestic sites.


We also operate a trading company out of China.

We offer over 500 products, the most of any company in our sector.

Prostaff Co. Ltd.