Additive for Car Battery

Product No. : 0060

Additive for Car Battery

Product Features

This additive contents high concentrated organic germanium compound which will activate electron activities, shorten the charging time, promote the startability and power up the ability of the battery.

How to use

1. Remove the cap of bottle, insert the tube comes with the product into the bottle outlet.

2. Insert the tip of tube into the liquid inlet of battery, fill the battery to the level between minimum and maximum level.

3. Recap the battery properly after pouring the additive.

※This product has no effect on batteries with mechanical failure.


■Do not use for purpose other than the designated.

■Be sure to charge the battery after adding the additive if the battery is low.

■Do not excess maximum level.

■Do not spill the additive to painted car body or rubber or plastic parts. If accidentally spilled, wipe off immediately before being damaged.

■The liquid may burst out if holds the bottle too tightly while opening it.

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