"Engine Booster Series” New Injector Cleaner

Product Features

This is a fuel additive for gasoline which cleans, lubricates and powers up the fuel system.
This cleaner cleans injector nozzle and intake valve where carbon deposits usually build up. The performance of engine will be restored greatly by cleaning. The operation of fuel pump will also be improved due to the lubricant in the compound. Moreover, the synergistic effect of clean & lubricate contributes to stable fuel efficiency and increases horsepower and torque of cars. This is a high performance cleaner which prevents the carbon deposits from building up again and gives the effect of water absorption and anti-corrosion for fuel tanks.

How to use

※Pay attention because the aluminum foil might drop off from the cap.
※Pay attention not to allow any water or foreign objects entering the tank while pouring the treatment.
1. Pour the treatment into the fuel tank (1 bottle of cleaner to 40~60 liter of gasoline). ※For large sized car and cars with very dirty engine, please use 2 bottles at one time.
2. After adding the cleaner, please tighten the cap of fuel tank properly and remember to wash hands thoroughly. ※For good and sustained effect, use this cleaner per 2000~3000 km run.


■Please do not use for purpose other than the designated.

■Please do not spill this cleaner on clothes, as it might cause stains. ■If the treatment accidentally spilled on the painted car body, resin or plastic parts, wipe off immediately or wash with water.

■Do NOT add other additives at the same time except additives from “Engine Booster Series"


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