“Engine Booster Series” New Super Fuel Treatment

Product Features

This is a fuel additive for gasoline which reforms the fuel and improves the ignition. 

By using surfactant in this treatment, the gas particles are broken into finer particles, and the ability of atomization is raised by 4 times. Fuel efficiency and power of engine is also improved since this treatment turns the injected fuel into micro-mist and cleans the carbon sludge accumulated in piston chamber and spark plug. Moreover, the improvement of ignition of spark plug contributes to fuel efficiency and engine power too. This is a high performance fuel additive with acceleration improvement and cleaning effect.

※Surfactant:The main ingredient of this treatment which promotes dispersion of fuel.

How to use

Pay attention not to allow any water or foreign objects entering the tank while pouring the treatment.

1. Pour the treatment into the fuel tank (40~60 liter of gasoline to 1 bottle of treatment). ※For large sized car and cars with very dirty engine, please use 2 bottles at once.

2. After adding the treatment, please tighten the cap of fuel tank properly and remember to wash hands thoroughly. ※For sustained effect, continued use is recommended.


■Please do not use for purpose other than the designated.

■Please do not spill this treatment on clothes, as it might cause stains.

■If the treatment accidentally poured on the car body, resin or plastic parts, wipe off immediately or wash with water.

■Do NOT add other additives at the same time except additives from “Engine Booster Series”. 

Size, Weight & Contents










200 ml

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