Engine Oil Additive Hi Power Rikitaro

Product No.: D-68

Engine Oil Additive "Hi Power Rikitaro" D-68

Give high power to your car! Just only this one to prevent engine problem and improve fuel efficiency

This is the additive of engine oil exclusive for standard car preventing engine and improving fuel efficiency.
Combine many high concentration organic molybdenum(MoDTC).
Coating inside engine strongly and reduce friction of piston cylinder.
Acceleration and fuel efficiency goes up.
ZDD(friction modifier) is combined which retains extreme pressure property, abrasion resistance and lubrication of oil.
It can prevent oil deterioration and reduce the damage of oil.
Aside from that, synthetic oil applies active ingredient after the addition to engine oil and has effect soon.
This is high performance additive for standard car to realize quiet engine sound and comfortable drive.

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