Fuel Tank Water Remover for Gasoline Car

Product Features

Absorbs moisture developed in the fuel tank due to the change in ambient temperature and achieves complete combustion for your car. This reliable product helps to create the best fuel condition for gasoline car and diesel car while preventing rust and engine knock.

How to use

※ Overuse of this product may damage the rubber components and leads to engine problems.

※ The liquid may burst out if holds the bottle too tightly while opening it.

 1. Pour this product to the fuel tank in the ratio of 1 bottle to 40~50 liter gasoline. 


Do not drink or inhale: This agent is harmful to human body. Do not drink or inhale this product.

■Keep this product away from fire as it is ignitable.

■Wear gloves while using this product as it may cause skin irritation.

■Keep out of reach of children.

■If accidentally ingested, do not emesis. See a doctor immediately.

■Wash off with water immediately if spilled on skin or got in eyes. See a doctor if there are abnormalities.

■Use In a well-ventilated place.

■Do not use for purpose other than the designated.

■If accidentally spilled to the painted car body or the rubber or plastic components, wipe off or wash off with water immediately.

■Do not use with other water removing agent.

Size, Weight & Contents










200 ml

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