Mr. High Power for Light Vehicles

Product Features:

This product is an oil additive designed for 660cc engine which increases acceleration and the efficiency of fuel consumption for light vehicles.
This additive richly contains Molybdenum Dialkyldithiocarbamate(MoDTC). By coating the piston chamber thoroughly, the friction of piston ring will be reduced, and the motion of accelerator becomes smooth, resulting in increasing of acceleration and efficiency of fuel consumption.
Anti-aging agent in this additive stabilizes lubricity when engine oil is in low temperature and sustains the performance of oil. Furthermore, by adding synthetic oil in the agent, the active ingredients are quickly blended into engine oil, demonstrating the immediate effectiveness of this product.
This additive promotes smooth running of light vehicles and contributes to a quiet and comfortable driving experience.

How To Use:

【Before Use】
※Ratio: 50ml of this product to 3~4 liters of engine oil
※Do NOT add to fuel tank.
※Can NOT use for two-stroke engine

① Stop engine and let the engine oil cool down properly.
② Open the cap of Mr. High Power and engine oil tank and add Mr. High Power to engine oil.
●Use the funnel comes with the product for easier pouring.
※Pay attention not to allow any water or foreign objects entering the tank while pouring the additive(check the funnel as well).
③After adding the additive, recap the tank. Confirm the amount of oil is within the suitable volume from the oil gauge and let car idle for 5 minutes.
④Wash hands with a soap after using.
★We recommend using this additive every time engine oil is replaced.
★You can feel the difference even when adding this additive to the engine oil currently in the tank.


■Please do not use for purpose other than the designated.
■Pay attention not to spill on the car body. If accidentally spilled on the car body, wipe off immediately with a cloth before body being damaged.
■Do not use with other additives
■Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty when using this product.
■Please do not spill on clothes, as it might cause stains.
■Do not use when the engine is hot. It might cause burn injury.
■Conduct this operation in a well-ventilated place.

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50 ml

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