Water Remover For Fuel Tank (Pack of 2)

Product Features

Water remover is one of the most frequently used fuel additive for fuel tank. This is a pack of 2 pieces.

How to use

※Overuse of this product might cause engine problems or damage rubber components.

※When opening the cap, beware not to hold the bottle too tightly, as the contents might spill. 

1. Follow the ratio of “Water remover 1 to gasoline 40~50 liter” and add this product into the fuel tank.





This product may harm human body. Do not inhale or ingest!

■Do not put near fire as it is flammable. Pay attention not to go near fire if accidentally spill to clothes. ■Ware protective gloves is recommended as it might cause skin irritation for sensitive skin.

■Keep away from children.

■If accidentally ingested, do not try to force vomiting. See a doctor immediately.

■If accidentally spilled to skin or eyes, wash with water immediately. If there are any abnormalities, see a doctor immediately.

■Use in a well-ventilated place.

■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■If accidentally spilled to car body, rubber or plastic components, wipe off or wash with water immediately.

■Do not use with other water mover product. 


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200ml x2

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