3 Layered Sponge for Coated Car Body

Product Features

This 3 layered sponge is made from high quality material and is specially designed for washing coated car body.
The ultra-fine soft layer is able to create rich foam and suitable for washing delicate coating of cars. The hard layer in the middle sustains the shape and makes the sponge easy to grip. The regular layer with proper elasticity helps to remove bug stains or bird droppings completely.
Moreover, this sponge is excellent in water holding capacity which allows you to wash for a wide range at a time.

How to use

【Before Use】
●Rinse off dust and sand from car body or window in advance.

●Saturate the sponge with water before use.
1. Put car shampoo on the sponge.
2. Wash where you wish to wash.


■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■Make sure there are no foreign objects on the sponge before use. ■Rinse off dust, sand and dirt from car body before wash with the sponge, as it might cause scratches.

■Pay attention to dust and sand blown by wind, as they might cause scratches during washing.

■Do not rub extremely hard, as it might cause scratches.

■Do not use for high temperature area or mechanical parts around the engine.

■Do not use for a re-painted car.

■Wash this product properly and remove any foreign objects after used for an absolutely dirty area.

■Do not use if this product has become absolutely dirty or worn.

■This product is consumable and will deteriorate through use. The deterioration could be hastened if stored improperly.

■Wash with neutral detergent and let dry before storing.

■Do not use detergent which contains bleach, mold remover, acidity, alkaline or limonene, as it will cause deterioration of product.

■Do not put into hot water above 60℃

■Do not put near fire, as it might distort or catch fire.

■Do not store a wet sponge inside the car or in the trunk.


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