Car Body Coating Spray

Product No. : S-103

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Car Body Coating Spray

Coating agent, Liquid type, mold hard film and remove scratch on automobile body

Other Features:

  • No compound contains.
  • For any color.
  • Accessory : microfiber cloth 1pc. 300ml & 200ml type available

Concrete Usage:

Make automobile painted surface ,plated part and motorbike gadget clean and glossy. Also for Home appliances

Applicable Place:

  • Automotive exterior body/ Helmet/ Dash board/ automobile interior / household


Not applicable to Mechanical portion /Handle / Can not eat.

Please confirm that a sponge does not have an alien substance.


  1. Wash out body 
  2. Spray agent on wet body, and wipe out slightly with microfiber cloth

One point advice:

  1. Applicable while the body is dry condition

Size, Weight & Contents


193 mm


51 mm


51 mm


250 g


200 ml

Prostaff Co. Ltd.