Car Body Coating Spray

Product No. : S-102

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Car Body Coating Spray "CC Water Plus 300"

Coating agent, make body glossy and remove small scratch

Coating agent, Liquid type, mold hard film and remove scratch on automobile body

Other Features:

  • No compound contains.
  • For any color.
  • Accessory : microfiber cloth 1pc. 300ml & 200ml type available

Concrete Usage:

Make automobile painted surface ,plated part and motorbike gadget clean and glossy. Also for Home appliances

Applicable Place:

  • Automotive exterior body/ Helmet/ Dash board/ automobile interior / household


Not applicable to Mechanical portion /Handle / Can not eat.

Please confirm that a sponge does not have an alien substance.


  1. Wash out body 
  2. Spray agent on wet body, and wipe out slightly with microfiber cloth

One point advice:

  1. Applicable while the body is dry condition

Size, Weight & Contents


220 mm


95 mm


90 mm


430 g


300 ml

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