Car Coating Spray CC Water 300

Product Features

Just spray to the wet car body after car wash and wipe off. This coating spray will create a glossy and beautiful car body. The secret of the instant effect and richness in color is the colloidal nano-glass and the penetrative fine particles used in the compound. This coating agent will penetrate into the gaps in the painting and form a clear coating on car body. Moreover, use repeatedly will create a hard glassy coating with rich gloss and stain repel effect. The coating will make dirt and dust difficult to stick on car body and easy to be rinsed off just with water. This coating spray can be applied to window glass, headlight, wheel, plated parts or dashboard.

How to use

Use for coating car body or dashboard.
Spray to wet car body after car wash and wipe off.
※Spray to dried car body if wish to create a richer gloss.
※Spray one time for area of 50 cm square.


■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■Do not use under a very hot day or when the car body is heated. ■Do not use under a windy day or use in a dusty place.

■Do not leave the spray on car body without wiping off, as it will cause stains.

■Do not use on fabric or leather goods.

■If used on car body or window treated with water repellent, the effect of water repellent could be weakened.

■Do not use on parts which could interfere driving (steering wheel, gearshift lever, peddle)

■If treated with special coating, contact your car dealer or the professional in advance.

■It might cause stain or color unevenness if used for repainted car, cars with deteriorated painting or resin parts.

■Test in an unobvious area before use on foreign made cars. Do not use if stains or discoloration happens.

■Do not spill to clothes.

■Do not use the cloth comes with the package if there are foreign objects on it.


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300 ml

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