Car Coating Spray “Glasias”

Product Features

This product is a glassy coating agent of the next generation which vitrifies the coating surface of car.
By penetrating and vitrifying the coating surface, it provides a semi-permanent sustained effect which protects the surface from deterioration. All you need to do is spray to your car, and it will give an astonishing gloss. Moreover, if used repeatedly, the coating will stay clear and beautiful forever.
This product also contains silicone polymer. It can erase minor scratch, and achieve a smoother coating surface. UV absorber in this product can protect the coating from ultra violet and prevent deterioration. This multi-purpose spray can be used on whole car body. You will be impressed by the mirror like car body given by this product.

How to use

【Areas can NOT be applied to】
■Things which absorb moisture(unpainted wood, furniture, wallpaper),leather, fabric goods.
■Lacquer-wares、goods made with copper and bronze
■Inside of electric machines
■LCD display of TV, PC, Game machine, or car navigation.
【How To Use】
Read the instruction carefully before use.
※Please wash the car and wipe dried in advance.
①Shake the bottle and spray to the car body directly.
②Rub in with the cloth comes with the product.
●Spray once (for about 1 second) for an area of 60 square cm.
●Change a clean side of the cloth while rubbing in, and make sure every sprayed area is wiped clean.
●Apply to each panel (such as one door) a time.
●When used for car interior, spray to the cloth and rub in.


■Do not use for purpose other than the designated.
■This product cannot erase deep scratch or scratch which the ground of car body has been revealed.
■Rub in before the agent dries out.
■Do not use on steering wheel, shift lever, or pedal.
■Do not use for fabric or leather goods.
■Do not use the bottle upside down.
■if the cloth becomes dirty, wash the cloth comes with this product with detergent or soap and let dry properly before use.
■Make sure there is no dust, sand, mud or stain on the cloth, as it will cause scratch. Remove any foreign objects before use, and only use a clean cloth for rubbing in.
■Do not leave the agent sprayed onto the car body without wiping off, as it will cause stain and color unevenness.
■Do not use in a very hot day or when the body is heated, as it will cause stain and color unevenness, and increases the difficulty for finish.
■Do not use in a windy day or in a dusty place, as it might cause scratch.
■It might cause stain or color fade if used on a re-painted car or the deteriorated resin part.
■Test in an unobvious area in advance when used for foreign made cars. Do not use if there is any abnormality.
■If the car was treated special coating, contact with the professional before use.
■If used for windows treated with water repellent, the water repellent effect might become weak.
■Use glass cleaner(abrasive type) to remove glaring on the window.
■Do not spill to clothes as it will cause stains.
■Use in a well-ventilated place.

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180 ml

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