Car Electric Polisher “Shine Polish” (AC100V)

Product Features

This electric polisher is designed for polishing car body. It works with AC 100V. It is compact and easy to operate. No matter you are a professional or a novice, a desirable finish can be achieved with this polisher.
The 600mA gearless motor used in this polisher provides high power with low vibration and low noise. The high speed motor with a 3800rpm maximum rotational speed helps to reduce time spent for operation.
Moreover, W-axis structure which produces random vibration allows car wax to be applied evenly and quickly by anyone who operates this polisher. You will enjoy polishing with this product.

Working Voltage:AC100V
Rated Frequency:50/60Hz
Pad Diameter:152mm
Power Consumption:60W

How to use

【Before Use】
Wash car with car shampoo and rinse off dirt and dust. Dry with a towel properly. ※It might cause scratches if used on car body with dirt and dust.

※Keep the polisher, power cord and power outlet away from water.
1. Make sure the power is off and the power plug is not inserted to the power outlet.
2. Install 「Buff for waxing」to the pad properly.
3. If using liquid wax, pour as if writing a cross on buff. If using solid or paste wax, use a spatula to apply a thin layer of wax on buff.※Read carefully the instruction of the wax before apply.
4. Make sure the power is off again, and plug the power cord into the power outlet. Hang the power cord over your shoulder while operating.※It might cause scratches if the cord touches car body. Also in order to prevent power cord be caught in the polisher, be sure to carry the power cord on the shoulder while operating.
5.Grap the grip and attach the pad of polisher onto car body lightly. Turn on the power and start to wax. ※Work each panel, bonnet and door separately.※Do not turn on the power before attaching the polisher to the car body, as the wax might scatter to surroundings.

【Precaution during polishing】
1:Do not use continuously for over 30 minutes. Stop when using for 20~30 minutes, and let the motor rest for at least 30 minutes. This product might malfunction if overheated, and might cause fire.
2:When polishing, move the polisher around at the same time. If stay at one place, buff and the polish compound might cause dimness and dent at such place. Pay special attention when working with dark color painted body, curves and edges.
3:Do not press the polisher too hard against the car body. Attach the polisher lightly without too much force.


■Do not use for purposes other than the designated one.
■Do not use on foreign made car, imported car, repainted car or car with deteriorated painting.
■Do not leave the power cord plugged in the power outlet, as the power might be turned on accidentally under some situation.
■Do not attach any other parts of the polisher other than the buff to the car body.
■Make sure there are no dust, dirt or any foreign objects stick on the buff or on the car body before use.
■Do not try to separate the polisher and the buff, as they are a single structure.
■There might be some unevenness on the pad but it won’t affect the quality, as a buff will be worn on the pad.
■There might be some fibers on the buff at first use.
■Do not place the polisher or and buff on the ground, as dust and dirt might cause scratches if using straight afterwards.
■Buff and pad are consumable and will deteriorate through use. The deterioration could be hastened if stored improperly. Do not use a deteriorated or worn buff or pad.
■Keep away from fire, as the product might distort or catch fire.

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