Car Polishing Wipes “Mr. Magic”

Product Features

This wet wipes with wax is just like a magician! It will clean and polish your car at the same time.
Made with microfiber and formulated with wax ingredients, this wipes catches dirt firmly while giving a rich glossy finish with water repellent effect. This handy car polishing wipes is easy to use without making your hands sticky.

How to use

1. Flip the clear sticker seal on the package and take 1 sheet out at a time.
2. Fold the sheet into appropriate size, wipe off dirt gently and change to a clean section.
3. Change a new sheet if the current one becomes absolute dirty.
※Use about 2~3 sheets for a medium sized car.
※Wash hands properly with soap after use.
※In order to keep the wipes moist, press down and close the sticker seal properly after use.  



●Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

●Do not use on human body.

●Wash off dust and mud in advance if the car is absolute dirty, as wiping an absolute dirty car might cause scratches on car body.

●Do not use on glass or genuine leather, as it might cause discoloration or stains. If accidentally used, wipe off immediately.

●Do not use while driving.

●Do not use in a very hot day or when the car body is heated.

●Do not throw into a toilet. Dispose as burnable waste.

Size , Weight & Contents










15 sheets

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