Car Shampoo & Wax 2 Liter

Product Features

This car shampoo washes off dirt and dust while applying water repel effect and giving gloss at the same time.
Formulated with TP detergent※ and silicone polymer, this car shampoo is able to wash off dirt and apply gloss and water repellent at the same time. With this bottle, you can perform 3 tasks at one time, washing while creating rich shine on the car body.
The neutral and abrasive free detergent used in the shampoo is gentle and won’t damage the coating and body.
This big size shampoo can be used on all color car. It is economical and is suitable for family with more than one car.
※TP detergent:detergent with high cleaning performance and high penetration.

How to use

【Before Use】
■Make sure the car body is cool.
■Test in an unobvious area before use(especially for new car and foreign made car).
■Check with your dealer or professionals if your car has been treated with special coating.

① Rinse off dust and sand from body with water.
② Shake the bottle well, open the cap, pour shampoo on a sponge saturated with water. Wash car body with the lathered sponge.
※Do not dilute with water or pour the shampoo directly on car body. Be sure to use a sponge.
③ Rinse off any shampoo or foam from car body immediately(or wash with a washed sponge for a quicker finish).
④ Wipe off any water left on body. Wipe off with a clean dry towel for even better shine.
⑤Recap the cap after use and wash hands well.
※If the result is not desirable, repeat step ②~④.
※It might cause stains or color unevenness if the amount used was not enough


■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■Do not use on repainted car or deteriorated coating.

■Do not use on mirrors or window if do not wish for water repel effect on these areas.

■Do not use a sponge which was dropped on the ground, as it will cause scratches.

■Do not use in a very hot day or when the body is heated, as it might cause stains.

■Do not leave the shampoo on car body without rinsing off, as it might cause stains.

■Do not spill to clothes as it might cause stains.


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2000 ml

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