Car Shampoo With Abrasive Compound (Dark Color)

Product Features

This professional car shampoo with abrasive compound is a new product from “Sakigake Migakijuku” series. 

By washing your car with this product, lime scale, grime formed on car body, scratches due to car wash, water spot or deteriorated coating will be removed together. 

The ultra-fine powder in the formula helps to remove stubborn stain and light scratches. Rich foam brought by this car shampoo will wrap and remove any contaminants gently from car body, creating smooth and bright surface for your car. 

This product is ideal to be used as a pre-treatment before performing wax or coating treatment. By providing a smooth surface, the durability and glossiness of wax will be improved. This product is especially recommended for cars which is from brand new to over 5 years. 



How to use

【Before Use】

■Check if this product can be used for the color of your car.

■Make sure the car body is cooled.

■Make sure to test in an unobvious area (especially for new cars.)

■Do not use for repainted cars, cars with deteriorated coating or foreign made cars, as it might cause stain or color unevenness.

■Check with you car dealer or professionals if your car was treated with special coating.

■This product will not work for deep scratches or water spots done by eroded painting.

■The effect of scratch removing will differ due to the color and the state of the painting.



1. Rinse off any dust and dirt from car body.

2. Shake the bottle well, pour the content on a wet sponge, lather well and wash one area (bonnet, door, trunk, and so on) at a time.



■Do not work on a wide area at one time. Separate operation into several sections and wash each section one by one at a time.

■Do not dilute with water or pour directly on car body. Pour on a sponge and wash.

■Do not leave the shampoo on car body without washing off as it might cause stain. Wash again with this product to remove any stain caused by the above situation.

3. Wash off any residue of shampoo with water. Using a clean wet sponge for easier and speedy finish.

4. Wipe dry without leaving any water (Wiping with a dry clean cloth will improve the gloss).

5. Put the cap back on and wash hands properly after use. ※If the result is not desirable, repeat step 2〜4.




■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■This product is abrasive and will remove car coating. Do not rub too hard or use on the same area repeatedly, as such area might become whitish.

■Do not spill to clothes as it might cause stain.

■Do not use for the following areas/purpose: plastic parts, black resin bumper, areas which was matted or texture processed, plating, tires, rubber, glass, leather, and lens. Use only for car body. If accidentally spilled, wash with water immediately before deterioration.

■Do not use under a very hot day or when car body is heated. Do not leave the shampoo on car body without washing off as it might cause stains.

■Do not use a sponge which is dropped to the ground as it might cause scratch.

■Do not use in a very windy day or in a dusty place.


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