Car Shampoo With Lime Scale Remover & Wax (2 liter)

Product Features

This car shampoo removes lime scale while infusing wax to car body. A clean and water repelling body can be achieved easily by washing with this product! 

The CS-T detergent in the formula dissolves contaminant with high mineral deposit removing effect, while the micro powder removes dirt. The new high performance water repelling resin in the formula provides a layer of water repellent which fits and protects the car body. The water repelling effect sustains for about one month!

This product can be applied to cars with any colors, including cars with metallic painting or pearl mica painting.



How to use

【Before Use】

■Make sure the body is cooled.

■Test in an unobvious area before use(especially for new car and foreign made car).

■Do not use for repainted cars as it might cause stain and color unevenness.



① Rinse off dust and sand from body with water.

② Shake the bottle well, open the cap, pour shampoo on a wet sponge. Lather well and wash one area (bonnet, door, trunk, and so on) at a time.

※Do not dilute with water or pour the shampoo directly on car body. Be sure to use a sponge.

3. Wash off any residue of shampoo with water. Using a clean wet sponge for easier and speedy finish.

4. Wipe dry without leaving any water (Wiping with a dry clean cloth will improve the gloss).

5. Put the cap back on and wash hands properly after use. 

※If the result is not desirable, repeat step 2〜4.

※Stain or uneven finish might happen if the amount used is too few.



■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■Do not use for repainted cars or cars with deteriorated painting.

■Do not use under these conditions as it might cause stain: used under a very hot day, used when car body is heated, and wash a wide area at a time.

■Do not leave the shampoo on car body without washing off as it might cause stain.

■Do not spill to clothes as it might cause stain.

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