Product No. : S40

Car wax "Mr.Magic Gold"

Promise ultimate shine, Super Gloss Wax not nessecary wiping

Mr.Magic that is well know as not necessary wiping.
New arrival of Highest wax in the series!
You can use it very speedy without wiping. The time of work is approximately one-forth compared with usual wax.
First surprise is beautiful finishing! Highest grade carnauba makes promise deep and beautiful gloss.
Next is our speciality about water resistant!!
HDG polymer* forms strong coat that has waterproof and durability.
Aside from that, UV-absorber that protects painting from UV by aging care.
This item will give your own car highest grade gloss,durability and deterioration prevention.
This is all-purpose type that can be used for resin lens and metal plating portion.
This is high quality wax that you'll be satisfied with the beauty of landscape reflected on the body.

Prostaff Co. Ltd.