Cleaner & Coating Ore No Siro For White
Cleaner & Coating Ore No Siro For White

Product No. : S138

Cleaner & Coating "Ore No Siro" For White

Applicable for both purpose, remove fur and glass coating!

This is cleaner&coating material exclusive for white color which can remove water scale dirt that can't be removed by car shampoo.
Newly combined cleaner component, you can remove water scale and dullness surprisingly easily.
Aside from that, it can remove deteriorated coating&wax,rain stain and stain by insect and can refresh the body.
By glass component,you can do coating together with cleaning.
That finishing is like new shiny pure white car.
And ultraviolet absorber minimizes the damage of body under blazing sun.
This is new idea glass coating that is easy to use,has good finishing and realizes beautiful white shine one time.

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