Gloss & Durable Car Wax

Product No. : S-59

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Gloss & Durable Car Wax

Remove scratch and make it glossy

Solid wax, make automobile body clean and remove scratch

Other Features:

  • Combine Super micro powder and glossy polymer.
  • 3types products for different type of body color.
  • Accessory;1pc exclusive sponge

Concrete Usage:

Give automobile body surface  glossiness

Applicable Place:

  • Automotive exterior body


Can  apply only Automobile exterior body

Can not apply to human body

Can not apply to mechanical part.

Please confirm that the sponge & cloth do not contain alien substances


  1. Wash out automotive and dry 
  2. dub agent with sponge 
  3. After 10minutes dry, wipe out with cloth

One point advice:

  1. remove moisture from the body of the car 
  2. Wipe out wax completely

Size, Weight & Contents


89 mm


121 mm


121 mm


393 g


250 g

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