Microfiber Cloth for Coated Body “Polymer Maintenance” (2 pcs)

Product Features

This microfiber cloth is made with high quality materials especially for coated car body, and is best suitable for wiping dry.
The 2.1 microns super fine fiber wipes dry the coated car body gently without damage.
This cloth has 2 different sides for different purposes. The find soft side absorbs water in no time with long fibers, and the fine lush side removes bug stains and bird droppings cleanly.
This wide sided cloth with supreme water absorption ability is best for wiping dry your car after wash!There are 2 pieces and 2 colors in the package, for used on different parts such as car body and windows.

How to use

Use for wiping dry car body and windows, or use for wiping dry while cleaning car body and windows .※Wash with neutral detergent every time after use and let dry before the next use.


■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■Make sure there are no foreign objects on the cloth.

■Rinse off dust and dirt first before using this product. Otherwise the body and windows might be damaged.

■Do not rub too hard, as the car body might be damaged.

■Do not use on heated parts or mechanical parts around the engine. ■Clean and remove foreign objects from this product after used on absolute dirty parts.

■Do not use for wiping off wax. If accidentally used, clean with neutral detergent and let dry properly.

■Do not put near fire, as it might distort or catch fire.

■This product is consumable and will deteriorate due to use. Improper storage might cause the deterioration to take place earlier. ■Wash with neutral detergent after use and let dry completely before store. Do not use softener.

■Do not store a wet cloth inside the car or in the trunk. ※The color might fade due to washing or sunlight exposure.


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2 sheets

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