Multipurpose Cleaning & Coating Spray

Product Features

This multipurpose cleaning & coating spray not only cleans but also applies coating on car body at the same time. 

All you have to do is spray to wet or dry car body and wipe off with cloth. The penetrative solvent in the spray helps to remove greasy stains and bug stains which are not easily removed by a car washing machine. The glassy polymer will form a protective coating on the surface, giving the body a shiny gloss while protecting the coating from deterioration.

This spray creates a water and stain repelling coating which is easy to clean for your car. It can be applied to a wide range of items, from car body and motorbike body to helmets, personal computers, and cameras.



How to use

【Before Use】

●Test in an unobvious area before use (especially for new cars, foreign made cars, repainted car or deteriorated parts).

●Make sure the area to be sprayed is cool.

●Do not wipe too hard, as it might cause scratches on car body. 

●Use in a well-ventilated place.

●Do not tilt the spray bottle while using, as the content might not be used up if doing so.


■Can be applied to wet or dried body.

●Spray on wet body, if wish for a quick shiny gloss. 

●Spray on dried body, if wish for better stain removing coating effect.

■Spray once for about 1 second for an area about the same size of a car door.

Press 2 times for wet body, 4 times for dried body.


❶ Rinse off dust and dirt in advance. ※Spray and wipe off with dust and dirt left on car body might cause scratches. 

❷ Shake the bottle well. Check the direction of the nozzle, keep a 10~15 cm distance and spray. After spraying, wipe off as if spreading the agent to a thin layer with a cloth. If stain is stuck on some area, wait for 10 to 20 seconds and then wipe off.

★Tips: Wipe off with a clean cloth at the last step will give a shiner gloss. ※Change to a clean side for a quick and beautiful finish, if the side being used currently has become dirty. ※When used for wet body, use a wrung towel to wipe off for easier operation. 


❶ Remove dust and dirt from such area to avoid causing scratches.

❷ Spray an appropriate amount on a piece of cloth and wipe the desire areas. 

<Warning>Do not spray directly to these areas, as the spilled agent might cause malfunction. For example the agent might cause the surface of the wheel to peel or separate.


<After Use>

●Put on the cap and wash hands with soap.

●If the desired result cannot be achieved, use dry. Use repeatedly for increased effect.

●There are chances the coating result might not be satisfying due to the condition or the color of the applied areas.

<If the coating is not even>

●Wipe off with a wrung soft fabric or a micro fiber cloth.



■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■Do not rub too hard when wiping. Wiping the same place too many times will cause scratches, stains or discoloration.

■A satisfying result won’t be achieved if applied to deteriorated areas.

■Check with your dealer or professionals if your car has been treated with special coating.

■Do not let the agent get inside of electric equipment such as camera, game machine, laptop or television, as it might cause malfunction.

■If sprayed to windshield treated with water repellent coating, the water repellent effect might become weak. ■If sprayed to windshield treated with hydrophilic coating, the coating would become water repellent.

■Do not use for inside of window glass of a car or inside of the shield of a helmet, as it will cause these areas to become foggy.

■Do not use under a very hot day or when the area to be sprayed to is heated, as it might cause stains.

■If sprayed and left unattended on car body, it might cause discoloration or difficulty in finish especially for foreign made car, repainted areas and deteriorated areas.

■Do not use if there are foreign objects stuck on cloth, as it will cause scratches.

■Wash with laundry detergent or soap after use, let dry before another use. Using a dirty cloth will cause scratches on car body.

■Do not use under a windy day or in a dusty place, as it will cause the agent to spill and scratches on car body.

■Do not spill to clothes as it might cause stains.

■ Use in a well-ventilated place.

■Do not use if the cloth was dropped on the ground as it might cause scratches.

■Use a microfiber cloth for better and easier finish.

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