Multipurpose Cleaning & Polishing Wipes” X-mal1”

Product Features

This wet wipes can remove dirt from car body and give polishing at the same time. All you need to do is wiping.
This wipes is formulated with the same glassy polymer as the spray type X-mal1 product, and gives a clear luster with water repellent effect.
Moreover, the material used is 100% microfiber which yields excellent cleaning effect. With the double effect given by good quality coating ingredient and microfiber, even lime scale or bird droppings on car can be quickly removed. This wipes can be widely used on exterior and interior of a car, components of a motorcycle or a bicycle.

How to use

①Flip the clear sticker seal on the package and take 1 sheet out at a time. ② Fold the wipe into quarters and rub to remove dirt.
※Change to the clean side if the current side becomes absolute dirty. Always use a clean side for wiping. ③ Wash hand properly after use.
※In order to keep the wipes moist, press down and close the sticker seal properly after use.
※With an absolutely dirty car, use 1 sheet to wipe off the dirt first and use a second sheet for clean finish.


●In order to keep the wipes moist, press down and close the sticker seal properly after use.

●Do not use on human body.

●If your car has special coating treatment, contact your car dealer or the professionals first.

●Wash off dust and mud in advance if the car is absolute dirty, as wiping an absolute dirty car might cause scratches on car body.

●Do not rub too hard, use a dried out sheet, use a sheet which was dropped on the ground, or a very dirty sheet, as it might cause scratches.

●For tough lime scale deposit which cannot be removed by this product, we recommend using other  X-man 1 flanker product.●Pay attention to dust and sand blown by wind, as they might cause scratch during wiping.

●Do not use under a very hot day, when the car body is heated, use on deteriorated parts(such as painted resin in interior), or use for a re-painted car, as it might cause stains.

●If the car is hydrophilic treated, the water repellent effect will stay.  ●For water repellent treated window, sometimes the water repellent effect might become weak temporally.

●Do not use while driving.

●Do not throw into a toilet.

Size , Weight & Contents










12 sheets

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