Polishing Abrasive for Headlight Lens

Product Features

This professional polishing abrasive with hand-holding-shape bottle is designed for removing yellowness and dimness from headlights and tail lamps.
The hand-holding-shape bottle allows you to apply the abrasive easily, without getting hands messy. The double layer pad holds the abrasive at the center firmly, allows you to work with efficiency and ease.
This CC type abrasive (※1) for plastic lens can not only remove yellowness but also restore clearness by coating the surface of lens with protective coating.
※1 「CC type abrasive」: The particles in this type of abrasive will break down from about 2 micron to 1 micron during use. One bottle can be used for from rough grinding to fine finish.

How to use

【Before Use】
●Be sure to test in an unobvious area before use. ●Make sure the lens is cool before use. ●Though the liquid color might change and the pad might be frayed, they don’t affect the quality of this product. ●This product is abrasive and will remove damaged coating. ●This product is for removing yellowness on surface of lens. It is not effective for deeps scratches, deteriorated resin or undamaged coating. ●There are chances that small stains or lines might appear according to the condition of lights and lamps.

【Areas to Pay Attention When Use】
※Please use the cloth comes with the product with abrasive for the following areas of headlight. Grinding with the bottle and the pad directly might cause scratches.
●Areas with differences in level ●Extremely uneven areas ●edge with another components ●Narrow areas

【How To Use】
① Rinse off sand and dirt from the lens, and wipe dried. ※Sand and dirt might cause scratches if left on lens.②Shake the bottle well. Open the cap uprightly. Put the pad on the lens while squeezing the bottle, letting the pad be saturated with abrasive liquid. ※Make sure the pad be saturated with abrasive liquid. ※Pay attention that when opening the cap, some liquid might spill. ※Instead of keeping the bottle on the level, tilt the bottle to allow the liquid come out. ③Polish lightly along a fixed direction (vertically or laterally) ※Polishing in a circular motion will make the yellowness difficult to be removed. Polishing along a fixed direction helps to remove the yellowness effectively. ※Squeeze out more liquid if the pad becomes difficult to move during polishing. ※Work for about a 10cm square a time ※Pay attention not to touch other areas with abrasive while polishing. ④Use the cloth come with the product to wipe off the abrasive before it dries out. ※If the lens turns yellowish or more opaque than the original lens, repeat step 2~4 until the lens becomes transparent.※Clean any dirt from the pad and the bottle after use. Close the cap properly by fitting the pin inside the cap into the hole at the center of the bottle.



■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■This product is abrasive and could cause scratches, damages and dullness due to over polishing.

■Do not use on color finished, rough finished or mat finished lens.

■Do not use on foreign made cars or imported cars.

■Pay attention to liquid spill during use. Do not squeeze the bottle too hard as the liquid might drip.

■The bottle might break if suffers from strong force.

■Do not use under a very hot day or when the lens are still heated, as it might cause stains or color unevenness.

■Do not spill the abrasive to other unintended areas. If accidentally spilled, wipe off with a wet cloth immediately.

■Do not leave the abrasive on lens without wiping off, as it will cause stains or color unevenness.

■Do not use if there are foreign objects on the pad or the cloth, as it will cause scratches when polishing.

■Do not use under a very windy day or in a dusty place, as dust and sand will cause scratches when polishing.

■Do not spill to clothes, as it might cause stains.

■Use in a well-ventilated place.


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45 ml

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