Scratch Remover

Product Features

This scratch remover of high performance is formulated with ultra-hard alumina which is used for polishing optical lens. It removes light scratches as well as stubborn water scales, and gives polished gloss to your car body at the same time. 

How to use

【Before Use】

※Make sure the car body is cooled before use.

※Test in an unobvious area before use.


1.Rinse off any dust from areas you are going to work with, and wipe dry. 2. Shake the bottle well, dispense a small amount of this product onto the sponge comes with the package. Work a section about a 15cm square and polish using a circular pattern.

※Wipe off with a soft and dry cloth before the product becomes dry on the body

※Close the cap well and wash hands with soap after use.作

※Applying a protective coating of wax to the polished section is recommended.

【For removing heavy scratch】

Dispense this product on the white side of the sponge, it can remove heavy scratch. ※Do not over polish with too much pressure as it will cause scratch.



■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■This product does not remove severe scratch which goes through to the ground.

■Do not use under a very hot day or when the body is heated.

■Do not use in a windy day or in a dusty place.

■Do not use for other areas (plastic, black bumper, tires, rubber parts, glass, leather or lens) other than the coated car body. Wipe off immediately if accidentally applied to.

■Do not apply this product directly to car body and leave it without wiping off. The coated body might be damaged under some cases.

■Do not use for repainted cars or cars with deteriorated painting, as the color might fade or the agent might be difficult to remove.

■Do not use if there are foreign objects such as rocks in the sponge, as it will cause scratches on car body. ■Do not use for clothes as it might cause stains.

■Use in a well-ventilated place.

■Do not use for cars treated with special coating.

■This product is abrasive. Please understand it will grind and polish the painted body.

■Be sure to work while checking the finish repeatedly, as over-polishing might happen.

■Do not use for areas where the paint is thin, such as the edge of the panel.

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