Wet Mopping Fukuzou
Wet Mopping Fukuzou
Wet Mopping Fukuzou

Product No. : P144

Wet Mopping "Fukuzou"

Just wipe putting in cross! Clean the car without dirt

Don't you leave dirt of roof because you can't reach it?
If you leave droppings or insect, it damages the painting and cause stain or dent.
But with this wiper, you can clean the dirt of roof that you can't reach easily.
Once you set exclusive wet cross in the head portion, it's ready for cleaning.
Long stick can clean the portion you can't reach.
And depending on the portion you can replace head portion with T-type or I-type and
only head portion can be used!
It's very useful 3way type.
Without dirt of your hand, anyone can clean their car easily.

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