Wiping Glove for Car Body “Gorilla Hands”

Product Features

This is a 2 sided microfiber glove for car wash and can be used according to different types of stains. The side with long and twisted fibers is for cleaning dust in narrow gap. The side with short fiber can remove bug stain and tough dirt quickly. The finger shaped design allows you to reach into and clean the gaps in car roof, bumper and so on. With this glove, cleaning greasy stains, water marks, bug stains, and other tough stains from your car body becomes easy.

How to use

【Before Use】
●This product is for cleaning car body and window glass. Do not use on tires and wheels.
●Rinse dust and sand from car body and window before use.
●Be sure to saturate this product properly with water for use.
●Wear protective gloves comes with the package if you have skin irritation, when used with detergent, or when intended to wash for a long time.

【How To Use】
1. Wear this product on hands and wet with water.
2. Rub where you want to wash.

【Tips】 Use with car shampoo or cleaner for an even better effect.


■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■Be sure there are no foreign objects on the glove before use. ■Make sure the part you are going to wash is cool. Do not use on heated parts or mechanical parts around engine.

■Do not use on glasses treated with water repellent.

■Do not use for re-painted cars.

■Be sure to wet this product before use, as it might cause scratches if used dried.

■Watch out for pointed tips while washing.

■If accidentally dropped to the ground, wash off dirt and sand before use.

■Do not put near fire, as it might distort or catch fire.

■Rinse off dust and sand from car body or window glass before use, as it might cause scratches.

■Pay attention to dust and sand blown by wind, as they might stick on car body.

■Do not rub too hard, as the part being washed might be damaged.

■After used on an absolute dirty part, be sure to wash this product properly and remove foreign objects.

■Do not use if this product has become absolute dirty.

■This product is consumable and will deteriorate due to use. Improper storage might cause the deterioration to take place earlier.

■Use neutral detergent and wash properly after use. Let dry completely before store. Do not use softener, as it will destroy the effectiveness of microfiber. 

■Do not use detergent which contents bleach, mold cleaner, acidity, alkaline or limonene. It will cause deterioration for this product.

■Do not put into hot water above 60℃

■Do not leave a wet glove on any place unattended, as the place the glove sit might be dyed by the color of the glove.

■Do not store a wet sponge inside the car or in the trunk.

■There might be discoloration or color fade due to wash or sunlight disposure. This doesn’t affect the quality of the product.

■The texture of microfiber might change after use or wash. This doesn’t affect the quality of the product.


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