Hydrophilic Agent For Side Mirror

Product No. : F-57

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Hydrophilic Agent For Side Mirror

Water does not become drops, achieve clean side mirror view. Good back view in rainy days.

Mold water thin film on side mirror surface. Series of Kiirobin, Super long selling item selling for 30years in Japan

Other Features:

  • Cleaner & Coating agent is set. Accessory; Special sponge & helper 1pc each, and Nonwoven fabric 6pcs

Concrete Usage:

apply to Automobile side mirror, exterior glass

Applicable Place:

  • automobile side mirror, exterior glass


Please confirm that sponge & cloth do not have an alien substances

Can not apply to automobile interior glass


  1. put water and wet the mirror
  2. rubbing glass with dirt remover until water not repelling , and wash out with water
  3. dub coating agent

One point advice:

  1. Apply after remove dirt and dust from side mirror  
  2. Use sponge surely wet.

Size, Weight & Contents


212 mm


140 mm


35 mm


120 g



Prostaff Co. Ltd.