Leather Wax

Product No. : B-42

Leather Wax

Leather Wax

Product Features

This leather wax gives rubber and resin parts such as tires, leather, dashboard, and urethane bumper a rich and natural gloss. Using highest grade silicone oil, this spray wax is the best choice for protecting and polishing your car.

How to use

【Before Use】

■Test in an unobvious part before apply.

■Use in a well-ventilated place.

■Do not tilt the bottle while using, the content may not be used up.

■Wash off dirt and sand from tires before apply.


【How To Use】

1. Shake the bottle well and check the nozzle direction before use.

2. Keep a 15 cm distance and spray evenly to the tire. Start from the side of the tire. (Can be applied to wet tires) 

3. Leave it to dry after spraying. Wash hands after use.

※If there is unevenness, use a sponge to spread out the spray. 

●If used on interior parts, do not spray directly onto. Spray to a clean and dry cloth and wipe off with the cloth.



■Do not use for purpose other than the designated.

■Do not use on steering wheel, shift lever or pedal, as they might become slippery.

■Do not apply to thread area of automotive tires or bicycle tires, as it might cause the tires to slip.

■It might cause stickiness, smear or discoloration if used on wheel, fender, car body or genuine leather. Wipe off immediately before being damaged.

■Pay attention not to spill this product to brake system.

■Do not use on deteriorated parts, as there won’t be satisfying effect.

■Do not use on glass, as it will cause greasy film. If accidentally stained, clean with detergent with grease removing effect.

■If used generously on a tire, spread with a sponge. Spilled liquid of this product will cause stain or smear on car body.

■Do not spray over 3 seconds as the fingertips might become cold.

■Do not use on windy days, as the liquid might scatter.

■Do not spill to cloth as it might cause stains.

■When holding the bottle, do not hold the cap only. The bottle might fall off if doing so.

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