Wiping Glove for Car Body “Gorilla Hands”

Product Features

This brush for car wash is used for cleaning dirt and dust accumulated in thin gaps. It is most suitable for cleaning bug stains in the gaps of a grill and parts around the license plate, and mud stuck on tire house and wheel nuts.
The brush hair is wave shaped and can reach into the finest gaps and remove any dirt and dust.

How to use

Use for cleaning grill, license plate, bumper and other subsidiary components of automobiles.
【Before Use】Rinse off any dust and dirt with water in advance.
●Rinse the car with water first, or wet the brush for use.
●Use dry for cleaning wax in the thin gap.
●Wash with water or neutral detergent after use, and let dry before storing.


■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■Make sure there are no foreign objects in/on the sponge.

■Rinse off any dust and dirt from car body and window glass before use. Washing with sponge without cleaning dirt and dust in advance might cause scratches on these parts.

■Do not rub too hard, as it might cause scratches on painted body. ■Do not use on heated areas or mechanical components around engine.

■Wash thoroughly and remove any foreign objects from the sponge before another use.

■If dropped on the ground accidentally, rinse and remove any dust and rock before use.

■Do not use if the sponge has become absolutely dirty or worn. ■This product is consumable and will deteriorate through use. The deterioration could be hastened if stored improperly.

■Do not use detergent which contains bleach, mold remover,

acidity, alkaline or limonene, as it will cause deterioration of product. ■Do not put into hot water above 60℃

■Do not put near fire, as it might distort or catch fire.

■Wash well, let dry and store in a cool place away from direct sunlight after use.

■Do not store a wet product inside the car or in the trunk.

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