Wheel Blush "Onihitode Junior "

Product Features

The popular “Onihitode” series now has a second generation product. It is wheel wiper with handle “Onihitode Junior”.
This wiper with handle allows you to clean the wheel without getting hands messy.
The twisted shaped microfibers are able to catch tough dirt and brake dust. The V shape sponge inside is able to reach and clean the dust between the small gaps of spokes. 
The ergonomically designed handle shape and handle angle (12 degrees) fits to hand perfectly and allows you to wash with ease and speed.

How to use

【Before Use】※Do not use on mirror finished wheel ※This product is specially designed for wheels. Do not use for car body, bumper or window glass. ※Wet the wheel before using this product. ※Do not rub extremely hard, as it might cause scratches.

【Instruction】●Wash the desired area gently with this product.
【Tips】Use Prostaff detergent (car shampoo or cleaner) for even better results.


■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■Saturated this product with water and wet the wheel before use, as using dry might cause scratches.

■Make sure there are no foreign objects on this product before use. ■Wash off dust and dirt if dropped on the ground before use.

■Rinse off sand and dirt from the wheel and from this product before use, as it might cause scratches if washing with dust or dirt on.

■Pay attention not to touch sharp edges and brake disk, as they might cause injury or brake malfunction.

■Do not put near fire, as it might distort or catch fire.

■Pay attention to dust and sand blown by wind, as they might cause scratches during cleaning.

■After washing extremely dirty area, wash properly and remove any foreign objects from the glove before another use.

■Do not use if this product has become absolutely dirty or worn.

■This product is consumable and will deteriorate through use. The deterioration could be hastened if stored improperly.

■Wash with detergent and let dry before storing. Do not use softener for this product.

■Do not use detergent which contains bleach, mold remover, acidity, alkaline or limonene, as it will cause deterioration of product.

■Do not put into hot water above 40℃

■Do not store a wet product inside the car or in the trunk.


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