Wheel Cleaner

Product Features

This cleaning spray is especially designed for removing tough dirt such as iron powder or brake disk dust on wheels.
It is nonabrasive and formulated with anti-rust agent which prevents deterioration of wheels.

How to use

【Before Use】
※Test in an unobvious section before use.
※Shake the bottle well before use.
【How To Use】
1. Rinse off dirt and mud from the wheel with water. 2.Turn the nozzle to 「ON」, keep a 15〜20cm distance and spray to the wheel. Rub and clean with a sponge or cloth. 3. Rinse the wheel with water, and dry properly with a clean cloth. 4.Turn the nozzle to 「OFF」 after use. Wash hands well with water.



■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■This product is for wheels made with steel or aluminum. Do not use on wheels made with other materials (such as magnesium).

■Do not use on plated or mirror finished wheels.

■Do not use in a very hot day or when the wheel feels hot to touch, as it might cause stains.

■If accidentally spilled to painted surface, wash off with water immediately.

■Do not spray and leave the foam on wheel without washing off, as it might cause stains.

■Pay attention not to spill to brake system parts.

■Do not spill to clothes, as it might cause stains.

Size , Weight & Contents










400 ml

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