Anti-Fog Spray for Inside of Windshield

Product Features

Just apply this spray to the inside of the windshield and wipe off, it prevents the windshield from fogging up and brings you a clear view that can help driving safety. The effect lasts for about 2 months. 

The main component of this spray is glassy polymer. The inside of the windshield will be coated properly once the spray is applied. By making the cause of fogging, which is the water droplets, hydrophilic, it prevents fog from forming on the windshield and therefore creates a clear view.  

The effect of this spray lasts a long time. It is most suitable to use in winter or during the rainy days when the windshield fogged up easily.

Moreover, by wrapping the exclusive cloth around the sponge and wipe, you can clean the inside of your car windshields easily. This exclusive cloth helps to give a beautiful and even finish. Anyone can do it easily.

How to use

【Before Use】

Please leave the door and the windshields open when using this spray.

Please remove dust, moisture or greasy dirt from the windshield properly before applying.


❶Wrap the cloth around the sponge. Shake the spray bottle slightly and remove the cap. Spray 6 times to the cloth.。

※6 spray is about the amount for 1/4 of the windshield for a regular sedan.

❷After applying the agent evenly and thoroughly to the inside of the windshield, wipe off with the clean side ( the side without the agent )of the cloth. 

❸Please wash the cloth with water after use, recap the bottle and wash hands properly.

※If there are blurs on the windshield, repeat step ❶and❷.

※Windshield can be coated even when it is foggy, but the effect won’t be as good.

※You can apply this spray repeatedly. If the anti-fog begins to lose its efficacy, apply the spray again following step ❶~❸.


■Please do not use for purpose other than the designated.

■Please do not use on windows with plastic film.

■Please do not use on special processed glass (window, mirror). Also there will be no effect on resin parts (windshield for motorbikes, door visor, goggles, glasses and so on)

■Please do not use on the resin part of dashboard or seats because it might cause stains or discoloration. If these parts accidentally stained by the agent, wipe off quickly with a wet cloth.

■The effect will be limited if there are a lot of dirt (greasy particles or tar from tobacco) on the inside of the window. Please clean the dirt with window cleaner before use.

■Please do not leave the agent on the windshield without wiping off. It might cause splotch on the windshield.

■Please do not use under a very hot day or when the glass is heated.

■Please do not use while driving.

■If you want to remove the coating, wipe with a wetted and wrung dried clean cloth.

■Please do not spill on clothes. It will cause stain on clothes.

■Please use this agent in a well-ventilated place.

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