Cleaning Wipes for Car

Product Features:

This wipes can be used from car windows to the interiors. It allows you to clean your car with just a wipe. It is made with durable non-woven cloth which is suitable for wiping. With 3D mesh structure, this wide size (220 x 330 mm) double layered wipes catches dirt properly. It cleans and removes even glares on window, finger marks on dashboard and steering wheel, tar from smoking, or other dirt on wheel or mirror.

How To Use:

Flip the clear sticker seal on the package and take 1 sheet out at a time.
※In order to keep the wipes moist, press down and close the sticker seal properly after use.


■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■Do not use on human body.

■Do not use on painted surface or genuine leather, as it might cause discoloration or stains. If accidentally used, wipe off the agent immediately.

■Do not use during driving.

■Do not use when the parts you are going to wipe is heated or used in a very hot day.

■Do not throw into toilets. Dispose as burnable waste。

Size, Weight & Contents










10 sheets

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