“Kirobin Series” Windshield Washer Fluid with Water Repellent Effect

Product Features

This windshield washer fluid with water repellent effect is a new product from the “Kirobin Series”. 1.5 liter is just the quantity for washer tank for small cars.
Clean your windshield and apply water repellent at the same time. Even under heavy rain, as soon as you spray your windshield, the water repellent will be applied instantly and the driving visibility be enhanced. Moreover, formulated with MA-Oxide, bird droppings or bug stains can also be removed easily.
This washer fluid can be used with long life water repellent and is most suitable for daily maintenance. The deteriorated coating will be repaired and the effect of water repellent be extended.

How to use

【Before Use】
※Empty the previous washer fluid in the tank before adding this product.
※If the previous washer fluid in the tank has greasy film removing effect, fill the tank with water and spray for several times before adding this product.
1. Refer to the following dilution factor and outside temperature, and add the fluid to the tank.
2. Spray the fluid and turn on wipers for several times to clean out dirt on windshield and apply water repellent. Spray again if the water repellent effect becomes weak.

《Dilution Factor (Freezing Point/℃)》
 Use without diluting (-20℃)
 Fluid : Water = 1:1 (-7℃)
 Fluid : Water = 1:2 (-4℃)


■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■Not to allow any foreign object to enter the tank when adding this product, as it will block the nozzle.

■Before spraying the fluid, turn air conditioning to recirculation mode instead of fresh air mode.

■Use distilled water or tap water for diluent.

■Do not use for inside of windshield.

■If the windshield has been treated with water repellent, there are chances the water repellent effect becomes weak temporarily.

■Do not use on foreign made cars or imported cars.

■It might cause stains or discoloration on repainted cars, cars with special coating or car with deteriorated coating. 

■Do not use in a very hot day.

■Wipe off fluid with a wet towel immediately if accidentally spilled to the car body. The stains caused by this product can be removed with regular scale remover.

■Do not spill to clothes, as it might cause stains.

■Do not use jointly with other washer fluid (especially those with greasy film removing effect). It might cause the fluid to deteriorate or the nozzle to be blocked.

■Replace old wiper, as they will skip on windscreen.

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