Super Windshield Cleaner

Product No. : A-44


Super Windshield Cleaner

Super Windshield Cleaner

Product Features

※Remove dust and sand from the glass before use.

This is a cleaning spray which effectively removes tar and finger marks from your glass. 

Contains no silicone, the powerful cleaning ability of this product can also remove greasy film and give a clear, transparent finish.

How to use

1.Turn the nozzle to 「ON」, Keep a distance of about 20 cm and spray to glass. 

2. Wipe off evenly with a soft dry cloth.

3.Turn the nozzle to 「OFF」 after use, and wash hands with water.

※If the glass is very dirty, repeat step 1 and 2 until clean.



■Do not use for other purposes other than the designated.

■Do not use in a very hot day or when the window is heated.

■Do not use when it is windy, or use in a dusty place.

■Do not use on water repel treated glass.

■Do not spill to clothes, as it might stain the clothes.

■Do not spill to painted surface or genuine leather, as it might cause stain or discoloration. If accidentally stained, wipe off with a soft cloth immediately.


Size, Weight & Contents










400 ml

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