Super Windshield Washer Fluid 2L

Product Features

This is a 2 liter size windshield washer fluid. It helps to wash away dust and stain from windshield without damaging rubber or metal components, and helps to provide clear view. 

■Can be used without dilution.


How to use

Refer to the following dilution ratio, use directly or diluted with water.

〈For regular use〉 Washer fluid =1: Water =2(the freezing point of the solution will be -2℃)

〈For extra effect〉Use undiluted(the freezing point of the fluid will be -4℃)



■Do not use for purpose other than the designated.

■When adding the washer fluid to the fluid tank, make sure no dirt or foreign objects enter the tank, as these objects might block the nozzle.

■Avoid using under a very hot day as it might damage the painted body. Wipe off immediately if there is fluid left on the car body.

■If there is residue of other washer fluid (especially water repellent type) left in the fluid tank, be sure to empty the tank, wash with water and clean the nozzle for several times. Mixing different brand of washer fluid might cause deterioration of this product.

■If your windshield was treated with water repellent before, clean the water repellent before using this washer fluid, as water repellent coating might cause blurry windshield.

■Please replace new wipers if they are deteriorated, as deteriorated wipers might affect the effect brought by this product.

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