Water Repellent for Windshield

Product No. : A-04

Water Repellent for Windshield from www.joomlashine.com

Water Repellent for Windshield

Water drops become perfect circle, and easily fly away during , and secure good view on a rainy day

Water repellant for Automotive glass. Series of KIIROBIN ,Super long selling item for 30years in Japan

Other Features:

  • Combine three kinds of silicon-based ingredients.
  • Cleaner ingredients remove the dirt of the glass.

Concrete Usage:

Automotive outer glass etc., moreover Home windowpane

Applicable Place:

  • Automotive outer mirror
  • Domestic Window glass


DO not apply Automotive inner glass


Very easy. Spray this on the glass, and wipe out with microfiber cloth

One point advice:

  1. Apply after remove dirt and sust from window.
  2. Before apply this, we recommend KIIROBIN GOLD application.

Size, Weight & Contents


222 mm


140 mm


56 mm


385 g


250 ml

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