Kiiro-Bin super coat

Product No. : A-10

Kiiro-Bin super coat

Water Repellent For Windshield

Water drops become perfect circle, and easily fly away during , and secure good view on a rainy day, Effects last 240days

Window washer liquid with strong repellant effect for Auto motive .  Series of KIIROBIN ,Super hit item for 30years in Japan

Other Features:

  • Combined Two kind of Silicon,  and fluorine

Concrete Usage:

Automotive outer  glass becomes to repel water

Applicable Place:

  • Automotive outer glass


Please confirm that a sponge does not have an alien substance.

DO NOT use it for inner  glass of automotive.


  1. open the bottle rid, and dab liquid to the glass
  2. wait 10minutes 
  3. wipe out


One point advice:

  1. Apply after remove dirt and sust from window.
  2. Before apply this, we recommend KIIROBIN GOLD application.

Size, Weight & Contents


222 mm


142 mm


65 mm


152 g


70 g

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