Windshield Cleaner

Product No. : 0002

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Windshield Cleaner

Remove Oil Film, and secure good view on a rainy day, Bring you safety driving

Compound for Remove Oil Film and Deteriorated glass coating on Automotive glass. Super long selling item selling for 30years in Japan

Other Features:

  • Accessory; One exclusive sponge is bundled

Concrete Usage:

For  Automotive outer glass , Bath room Mirror

Applicable Place:

  • automotive outer glass
  • Bath room Mirror


Please confirm that a sponge does not have an alien substance.

DO NOT use it for inner  glass of automotive.

After use, wash out agent  with water.


  1. put agent on sponge
  2. rubbing glass
  3. keep rubbing until the water on the glass not repelling, and the wash out well with water.

One point advice:

  1. apply agent after remove dirt and dust from window. 
  2. Make the window wet , and apply agent.
  3. We recommend KIIROBIN repellant products

Size, Weight & Contents


130 mm


70 mm


60 mm


204 g


120 g

Prostaff Co. Ltd.