Windshield Cleaner “Kiirobin Quick Magic Gold”

Product Features

This is a new product from the “Kiirobin” greasy film remover series!Designed for outside of the windshield, this cleaner is able to remove the most stubborn greasy film on the windshield. 

The nano glass powder and the quick finish pad allow you to clean the windshield 3 times faster※1 without getting hands dirty. With this handy product, you can make the windshield of your car hydrophilic and smooth. The fine scratches on the windshield will be removed at the same time, and create a clear view.

This high performance cleaner is also suitable for removing old glass coating agent, or to be used as basic treatment before applying coating.

※1 Compare to Kiirobin 120


How to use

【Not Applicable To】

■Mirror glass(Glass which shins like a mirror.)

■Glass treated with film or coating.

■Glass with special treatment

■Glass with visible deep scratches


■Plastic mirror

■Foreign made cars, imported cars, new cars.

■New glass


【Before Use】

■After removing the cap, beware not to squeeze, shake or grasp the bottle too hard, as the contents might spill.

■Shake well before use (Make sure the bottle is capped when shaking.)

■For wiping off, do not use cloth which is stained with grease or washed using softener.


1. Rinse off sand and dust from the windshield in advance. It is okay to leave the windshield wet. ※Sand and dust residue might cause scratches on windshield.

2. Shake the bottle properly and remove the cap. Make sure the windshield is wet. Put the pad against the windshield and press the bottle once to release proper amount of liquid. For every 30cm square area, the proper amount should be a circle with roughly 1cm diameter.

※Beware the liquid might spill when removing the cap.

※If it is difficult to get the liquid out, shake the bottle again to soften the contents.

※Tilt the bottle a bit instead of holding it upright when try to get the liquid out.

3.Spread the liquid on the windshield with the pad and rub repeatedly in a horizontal or vertical direction. Work a 30cm square area at a time.※Pay attention not to touch areas other than the area being worked.


【Tips For Removing Stubborn Greasy Film】

★When the area on the windshield does not repel liquid or water, the greasy film in such area was removed. The greasy film on the whole windshield can be removed easier if starting from the removed area, expanding and polishing gradually around it.

★If the liquid becomes dry and makes polishing difficult, wet the windshield with proper amount of water.



■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■Kiirobin series is designed for windshield. However, do not use for windshields which are treated with film or coating.

■Do not use for plastic products or water repel treated glass.

■Do not spill to clothes as it might cause stains.

■Do not use for glass made with resin, windshield of a helmet, glasses or goggles.

■Do not use under a very hot or cold day, as the agent might become difficult to spread.

■Do not use for leather seat or other surfaces besides the windshield, as it might cause discoloration or stains. If accidentally spilled, wipe off with a wet cloth immediately.

■Do not leave the agent on windshield for a long time, as it will cause difficulty when wiping off the agent.

■Do not press the bottle too hard as the agent might drip.

■Avoid strong physical impact to this product as it might damage the product.

■Do not use during driving.

■Do not use on the inside of the windshield.

■If there are white powder left after use, wipe off with a clean wet cloth.

■This product cannot remove scale and water spot on the windshield. Please use special remover for removing scale and water spot.

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