Windshield Cleaning Spray “Bluebin” 220

Product No. : A-36


Windshield Cleaning Spray “Bluebin” 220

Product Features

This cleaning spray removes the greasy film and glare on car windshield!If used on the inside of windshield, it not only cleans tar and dirt from windshield but also prevents windshield from fogging up

How to use

【Before Use】

※Shake bottle well before use. Wash off dust and sand before using this spray if use on the outside of windshield, as they might cause scratches on windshield. 



■Spray the agent to a soft and clean fabric, apply to windshield and wipe off. ※When used in a rainy day, spraying directly to the outside of windshield and wiping off with wipers is also effective. 


■Do not use for purpose other than the designated

■Do not use while driving

■Do not spill on clothes, as it might cause stain on clothes.

■Do not spill on painted surface or leather seat, as it might cause stains or discoloration. If accidentally spilled, wipe off immediately with a soft cloth.

■Do not use this product upside down.

■When holding the bottle, do not hold the cap only. The bottle might fall off if doing so.

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