Windshield Deicer Spray

Product Features

This spray type strong deicer can melt frost and ice from windshield quickly and provide clear view for you. It will not freeze even in -30℃. 

It is ideal for cold climate where frost and freezing happens often.

This product comes with a scraper cap which is convenient for removing frost and ice. 


How to use

【Before Use】

●Shake the bottle well before use, and work in a well-ventilated place.

●Do not tilt the bottle while using, as the content might not be used up.

●Pay attention to the sharp edge on the cap when using this product. Pay special attention when the cap is cooled and became difficult to remove. 



1. Check the nozzle direction and spray directly to the frost on the windshield.(When scraping with the cap, pay attention not to damage the windshield surface.)

2. When the frost melts and became soft, wipe off with a cloth or with the wipers.(Frost and fog might form again when the windshield becomes cooled again. Therefore warm up your car properly before driving.)

3. Wash hands with soap properly after use.



■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■Do not spill to clothes as it might cause stains.

■Do not use while driving.

■Do not spray to painted body, rubber or plastic parts. If accidentally spilled, wipe off with a cloth immediately.

■When holding the bottle, do not hold the cap only. The bottle might fall off if doing so.


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