Windshield Water Repellent ”Kirobin” 100 & Windshield Water Repellent ”Kirobin” 200

Product Features

This is the standard model of Windshield Water repellent “Kirobin” which is a long selling product in Japan with over 30 years history.

This water repellent removes glare and greasy film which makes windshield blurry in rain and helps driving safety. 

With cerium oxide, stubborn greasy film and deteriorated glass coating can now be easily removed. Moreover, Kirobin can be used as pretreatment of glass repel coating and can enhance the effect of repelling.

How to use

① Wash off dust and dirt on the windshield properly as it will cause scratches on windshield. 

② Shake the bottle well before use.

③ Pour the water repellent about the size of a 1.5 ~2.0 cm coin on a lightly wet sponge and rub windshield repeatedly until the liquid stops to form into drops on windshield.

④ Wash off white liquid trail with water and a sponge, and wipe off with a clean wet towel.

☆Use our flanker brand「Car Shampoo “Bluebin”2.5L」, which is a strong greasy film removing cleaner, after using Windshield Water Repellent ”Kirobin” 200, the windshield can remain clean and greaseless for a longer period.


* Do not use for purpose other than the designated. *This product is for window glass without coating. Do not use on glass with film or coating.

*Do not use on side mirrors.

*Cannot be applies to plastic parts or water repellent glass. *Do not spill on clothes, as it might cause stains.

*Do not use this product in a very hot or cold day, as the agent will be difficult to wipe off.

*Do not use on other coated parts or leather seat besides window glass.

*If accidentally spilled to parts such as coated parts or leather seat, wipe off immediately with a wet cloth.

*If used in a sunny day, use a wet sponge.

*After drying out, if there are white powder left on the windshield, wipe off with a clean wet towel.

*Do not wipe with cloth that has used softener before or with grease stains, as they will cause greasy film on windshield. 


Notes:If the outlet of bottle is blocked, use a sharp tool to remove the blocking. Squeeze a bottle with a blocked outlet might cause the content to spill on skin or clothes. 

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