Sanitizing Cleaner for Fabric Seats

Product Features

This antibacterial cleaner is perfect for cleaning fabric seats or child safety seats. Rich foams from this cleaner wraps, decomposes, and removes dirt.
The microfiber cloth which comes with this cleaner is made with super fine fiber. It will clean and remove stains and finger marks without having to rub hard and damaging the fabric.

Cleaning:Penetrates, decomposes and removes dirt with gentle foams.
Disinfection:Removes germs such as mold and colon bacillus.
Antibacterial:Prevents unwanted bacterial growth. Sustains sanitation.
Deodorant:Removes odors with deodorizer extracted from natural plants.

How to use

【Before Use】
■Do not rub hard when wiping with cloth, as it might damage the fabric.
■Use detergent or soap to clean the microfiber cloth if it started to get dirty. Dried before use.
■When used to vinyl leather or lining of ceiling, spray to the cloth first and wipe.

【How To Use】
❶Set the nozzle as shown in the picture to the right.
❷Keep a 15cm distance and spray. Wipe off with the cloth comes with the package.
❸Use a clean side of the cloth and wipe off again.。
 ※If the target is absolute dirty ,repeat step ❷〜❸
❹After cleaning, let dry properly.
 (It might cause stains on clothing if not properly dried.)
❺Switch the nozzle to the 「×」 mark after use and wash hands with soap.


■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■Be sure to test on an unobvious part before use, as it might cause stains or discoloration in different types of material.

■Do not use on genuine leather.

■The cleaning effect might be limited if used for old stains or greasy stains.

■Do not spray to painted surface, rubber parts or glass. If accidentally sprayed to, wipe off immediately.

■Do not use if the cloth has become dirty, as it will cause stains.

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400 ml

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