Tablet Type Deodorizer "For cigarette"

Make inside of car air clean, tablet type

Car Sanitizer And Deodorizer (Tablet Type)

This sanitizer and deodorizer formulate with CLO2 is best for eliminating bad smells and bacteria in car.  More..

Interior Cleaner “Shalala”

This interior cleaner neatly removes dirt on fabric seat, vinyl seat, dashboard, and so on by micro-foam. The brush cap comes with this product makes cleaning dust in the joint easy and convenient. 

Deodorizing Spray

This deodorizing spray contains stabilized CLO2 and can eliminate bacteria and bad odor in the car.
Just spray to the concerned area which smells due to cigarette odor, mold odor, animal odor, or body odor on the seat, these smell can be eliminated, and makes interior space of your car clean and fresh. More..

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