Car Sanitizer And Deodorizer (Tablet Type)

Product Features

This sanitizer and deodorizer formulate with CLO2 is best for eliminating bad smells and bacteria in car.
CLO2 is also used in eliminating bacteria for space food by NASA. It effectively cuts out bacteria which causes bad smell. Installing on air conditioning louvers, the sanitizing and deodorizing particles will be able to reach every corner in car with air conditioning, and keeps car interior space clean and free from bad smell.
This deodorizer isn’t the type which masks bad odor with fake fragrance. People who dislike the smell of fragrance should feel safe to use this sanitizer and deodorizer.

How to use

※The deodorizing tablet has been installed inside the case.
【When Install onto Air Conditioner Louvers】
1. Put the anti-scratch seal comes with the package on air conditioner louver.
2. Take out the deodorizer case from the package. Set up the clip into the hole at the back of the case.
3. Press the deodorizer onto the air conditioner louver, over the anti-scratch seal. Do not press too hard, as the louver might be scratched.
※If the smell of medicine bothers you, stick the deodorizer with double side tape to the inlet of air conditioner.

★When remove the deodorizer, press the louver with fingers firmly and remove slowly. Do not press too hard, as the louver might be scratched or damaged.

【When Install with Double Side Tape】
Take out the deodorizer from the package. Put double side tape on the deodorizer and stick onto the inlet of air conditioner.
★Tips: Place the deodorizer under the passenger seat or near the inlet of air conditioner for better effect.


●Do not consume.

●Keep out of reach of children and pets.

●Do not remove the tablet from the case.

●Keep the tablet away from moisture.

●Do not touch the tablet directly with hands.

●Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

●Do not set up in places which could interfere driving.

●Do not set up in places where might interfere airbag.

●Do not use together with other chemicals.

●Do not put this product near decorative objects (things made with metal or fiber, electric appliances, and things with checker), as it might cause discoloration or deterioration. Please keep a 10cm distance between this product and other objects.


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