Deodorizing Spray

Product Features

This deodorizing spray contains stabilized CLO2 and can eliminate bacteria and bad odor in the car.
Just spray to the concerned area which smells due to cigarette odor, mold odor, animal odor, or body odor on the seat, these smell can be eliminated, and makes interior space of your car clean and fresh.
Moreover, the formula in this spray is able to oxidize and decompose bacteria and virus floating around effectively. The elimination rate is 99.99%※
This product is not the type of product which covers odor with fragrance. People who dislike perfume smells can use this product without worries.
<What is CLO2 ?>
It is a safe chemical compound with high anti-bacterium effect which has been highly approved by food and medical facilities. It is also adopted by NASA.

How to use

※Be sure to test in an unobvious area before use.。
1. Switch the nozzle to「normal」or「wide」according to your need.
2. Spray 1~2 times to the desired area.
3. Switch the nozzle to「×」after use.


■Do not use for purposes, such as use on human, foods, utensils, clothing or pet, other than the designated.

■After used on a sheet or mat, let dry properly.

■Do not use on metals or dyed materials.

Size, Weight, Contents










230 ml

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